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SolidKit Library Version History

4.2.1 10/04/2010 .NET version of SolidKit Library update. Fixed a bug in .NET version of SolidKit Library which was causing much higher failure rate of CSG operations (The bug does not exist in the C++ version of SolidKit library).
4.2.0 08/21/2010 .NET version of SolidKit Library update. Added immediate scene rotation and pan navigation functionality through middle mouse button, support for zoom in/out to point pointed by mouse pointer, plus a few bug fixes.
4.0.3 10/03/2009 SolidKit Library for .NET released.
4.0.2 05/21/2008 Fixed scene panning and rotation using keyboard issue in MmSceneOnly manipulation mode where before the fix the selected objects were manipulated instead of the scene view.
4.0.1 05/17/2008 SolidKit Library with minor Solid Assembler related bug fixes released.
4.0.0 05/15/2008 Initial SolidKit Library Release. (The SolidKit Library starts with version 4.0.0 since it is continuation of the ClassGL Library which last version was 3.6.11.)