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SolidKit Library System Requirements

Below are minimum system requirements for using the SolidKit Library

  • 486/Pentium/Athlon (or other Pentium compatible) based PC
  • 128MB of RAM for Windows 2000, 256MB of RAM for Windows XP, 512MB of RAM for Windows Vista
  • 100 MB of free disk space
  • VGA or higher resolution video adapter, at least 32K of colors display adapter settings is strongly recommended
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • Microsoft Windows Vista/XP/2000 or higher
  • OpenGL 1.0 or higher. A video card with OpenGL hardware support is strongly recommended.
  • Microsoft Visual C++/C# 2005 or higher, or Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or higher. The C++ version of the library is supported only up to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, it might not work for later Visual Studio versions.

NOTE: The Microsoft Visual C++/C#/Visual Studio is required only for development of your applications, your built applications linked with the SolidKit library will not need Microsoft Visual C++/C#/Visual Studio installed in order to run.