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Users of the Issues Tracking System

Users of the Issue Tracking System (ITS) are divided into three groups with regard to their relationship to the product. The first group uses the product, the second group of users developes and maintains the product. The third group is a group of ITS administrators whose responsibility is to manage the Issue Tracking System. An ITS user can belong to more than one of these groups in the same time.

In this help, we call the ITS's first group of users product end-users, the second group of ITS users we further divide into product managersproduct developersproduct testers and product support team members .

If ITS is made accessible to the product end-users , then they can use it to communicate their experiences with using the product with the group developing or maintaining the product. They can enter product issues into the ITS, query the issues status, list or browse current product issues.

The product development group is using the ITS to keep track about the product issues and progress of resolving them, and to better organize product development or maintenance.

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