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User Profile Update Page (Administrator's Guide)

The User Profile Update page allows you to change user profile data. You can update either your own profile or, if rights given to you allows it, you can update user profile data of another users of the Issue Tracking System.

You can change User Profile for multiple Issue Tracking System (ITS) products / product categories. To change an user profile for a product / product category, first select the product category using drop down list located in top right corner of the User Profile Update page and then change the user profile. Be aware that you might have different rights to change the user profile for each product / product category.

User Profile properties: LoginId, password, Last Name, First Name and e-mail address are shared across all products / product categories. Changing them for one product / product category means that the change will be made for all products / product categories. Other properties: Title, Manager, User Roles can be set differently for each product / product category.

This page provides information about managing user right through user roles only,  which is useful only to Issue Tracking System Administrators and user managers . For information related to changing other user profile data, please refer to the User Profile Update Help Page in the Issues Tracking System User's Guide.

User Roles

Users of the Issue Tracking System can be assigned to any of the following user roles :

  • Issue Tracking System Administrator
  • Product Manager
  • Product Developer
  • Product Tester
  • Product Support
  • Product End-User

These roles corresponds with the user groups as described in the Users Of the Issue Tracking System document. Each group of users is assigned set of rights which are controling access and behaviour of the Issues Tracking System for an user of a particular group. If user is member of more than one groups, then he/she inherits all user rights from all these groups.

For example, if your user roles are Product Developer and Product Tester. Group of Product Developers has right to update any issue and group of Product Testers has right to assign issues. Then you, as member of these two groups, will have both rights, right to update any issue and right to assign issues.

For information about setting up rights for Issue Tracking system user groups , please read the User Groups and User Rights document.

Assigning User Groups

You have to have right to manage users or to be ITS administrator in order to be able to update user groups in your own profile or user groups settings of other users profiles. You have the right to manage users if at least one of the user groups you belong into have this right.

To assign user roles for an user profile simply check the checkbox corresponding with the particular group in the user's profile. To remove an user from the user group, uncheck corresponding checkbox. You must select at least one user role for an user profile.

Note that if you are member of ITS Administrators group then you cannot remove yourself from this group. ITS administartor user role of your user profile must be removed from your user profile by other ITS administrator. This rule makes sure that there is at least one administrator in the system.

To submit changes you made on the User Profile Update Page, click on the SUBMIT button located on bottom of the page.

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