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User Profile Update Page

The User Profile Update page allows to change user profile data. You can update either your own profile, or if rights given to you allows it then you can update user profile data of another users of the Issues Tracking System.

How to navigate to the User Profile Update Page

To update your own profile you have to first login into the Issue Tracking System (ITS). Then on the Issues Summary Page click on the My Profile link located on horizontal menu on the top of the page. Then on the bottom of the User Profile Page (which will be displaying your profile data), click on the UPDATE button located on the bottom of the page.

Capability to update another user's profile information might not be available for all users. The right to update other users profiles  is given by Issue Tracking System administrators. This right is usually granted to Issue Tracking System administrators or product development managers only.

If you have right to update other users profile then you can navigate to other's user profile page through the Users Summary Page . On the Users Summary page specify filtering conditions which will list the user which profile you want to update. Then click on the icon located next to the user's information on the left side of the Users Summary Page. You will be navigated to User Profile Page for that user. To update the user profile click on the UPDATE button located on the bottom of the page, and you will be navigated to the User Profile Update Page.

What profile data can be changed and by who

What user profile data can be updated depends on the rights given to currently logged in user by the Issues Tracking System administrators.

  • Product users  usually can change just their login Id, password, first name, last name, and e-mail address.
  • Development team members with no right to update other users profile can change their user Id, password, first name, last name, e-mail address, title, and reference to their manager.
  • Issue Tracking System Administrators and Development team members with right to update other users profile can change all fields in their own profiles as well as in other users profiles. If you belong to this group of users, please refer to User Profile Update Page in the Issues Tracking System Administrator's guide.

ITS allows to define different user profile for each product / product category. Common fields for all products / product categories are Login ID, Password, First Name, Last Name and e-mail address. These field are shared accross products and changing these fields for one product will change them for other products / product categories. Other user profile fields - Title, Manager and User Roles can be set different for each product / product category. To change user profile for different product go to the User Profile Update page for some product and then select product / product category for which you want to change the profile by selecting it from drop down list located on top right side of the User Profile Update page.

How to change an user profile field

  • Login ID : type new login ID in the Login ID field. Note that Issues Tracking System will not allow you to change your login ID to an login ID which already belongs to an another user.
  • Password : Type your old passwod to the Old Password field. Type the new password to both: New Password and Confirm New Password fields. Note that the value you type into Old Password field must match your current password and values typed into the New Password and Confirm New Password fields must be the same. Otherwise the Issue Tracking system won't change the password and will report error.
  • First Name : Type your first name into this field. Any text will be accepted.
  • Last Name : Type your last name into this field. Any text will be accepted.
  • e-mail address : Type your e-mail address to this field. If you put the e-mail which is identical to e-mail address of another user's profile, Issue Tracking System will report error. Any other text typed into this field will be accepted. It is very important that you provide your valid e-mail address here, so the Issue Tracking System can remind you your password in case you forget it, or notify you about changes of issues related to you.
  • Title/Responsibility : This field is available only to product development team members. Please, type your title (as a developer) here and/or short description of what are you responsible for or what is your job in the product development.  This information will help others to correctly address you for help/assistance with product development. Any text typed into this field will be accepted.
  • Immediate Manager : This field is available only to product development team members. Choose your immediate manager from choices suggested in the associated drop-down list. Issues Tracking System is automatically sending notification e-mails about changes in issues related to updated user's profile to manager specified in this field. Any value from the provided drop-down list will be accepted, including the empty value.
  • User Roles: User roles can be changed only by Issues Tracking System administrators or users authorized to manage Issue Tracking System users information. Please, refer to the User Profile Update help Page in Administrator's Guide for more information.

Note: field values longer than it is defined for them in the Issue Tracking System's database will be truncated. The maximum field lenghts are defined by Issue Tracking System Database Administrator, and usually are big enough to take reasonable field values.

Click on the SUBMIT button located on bottom of the User Profile Update Page to submit profile changes.

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