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User Profile Page

The User Profile page provides user's profile information for specified Issue Tracking System's user account.

For product-end-user-only accounts, the User Profile page is displaying login ID, user's first name, last name and e-mail address.

For development team accounts, the User Profile page is displaying login ID, user's first and last name, e-mail address, title, who is user's manager (if any) and to what user groups the user belongs. An user can belong to one or multiple groups from the following list: Issue Tracking System Administrator, Product Manager, Product Developer, Product Tester, Product Support, Product End-User.

How to navigate to the User Profile Page

To view your own profile you have to first login into the Issues Tracking System (ITS). Then on the Issues Summary Page click on the My Profile link located on horizontal menu on the top of the page.

Viewing other user profile information might not be available for all users. The right to see other users information, such us e-mail address, is given to other users by Issue Tracking System administrators. Access to this information might be granted to development team members only.

If you have right to see other users information , you can navigate to other's user profile page through the Users Summary page. On the Users Summary page specify filtering conditions which will list the user you are interested in. Then click on the icon located next to the user's information on the left side of the Users Summary page.

ITS allows to specify different user profile for each product / product category. To view user profile for other product / product category, go to the user profile page for some product and then on user's profile page select the product / product category you want using drop down list located on top right side of the user profile page.

How to update User Profile

Go to the user's profile page. If you have right to update the user's profile then there will by UPDATE button on bottom of the page. Click on the button and you will be displayed the User Profile Update page.

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