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To log in, click on the Login link in the menu located on the top of every page (except help pages). You have to be logged out in order to see the Login link. Then  type your login ID into the login ID field and your password (if you have one) into the password field and then click the LOGIN button. If your login ID and password information is correct, you will be logged in and navigated to the Issues Summary page .

If you don't have user ID, you can create one by clicking on the button located on the login page. However, this feature might be disabled if ITS administrators want to have more control over adding new users, or adding or updating the issues database is not allowed to anonymous users. Product end-users are then usually reporting product issues to the product support by e-mail or telephone, and product support team enters the issues database changes on their behalf.

By logging into the Issues Tracking System, you will get  rights to do things which you wouldn't be able to do without being logged in. These rights are controled by Issues Tracking System administrator and might include for example right to file a new issue, right to update issue or all issues, view other ITS users information, modify other users information, create new users. Not-logged-in users can usually just browse the issues database and view issues details, logged-in product end-users usually have right to file new issues and update issues they file. Logged in members of the development team migh have additional rights, such as right to update any issue or right to reassign issues.

If you forgot your login ID and/or password, you can type your e-mail address to the login ID field and click link on the bottom part of the login page, and your login information will be sent to you by e-mail. The instructions for this scenario are in bottom part of the login page. However, in situations where Issue Tracking System is providing sensitive information, or security is otherwise in concern, this feature might be disabled by Issues Tracking System administrator.

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