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"Issue Details" Page

How to navigate to the Issue Details page

To view issue details click on the link next to the issue number in the list of issues part of the Issues Summary screen. Use Issues Summary's page filter to select just issues you are interested in. For more information see Issues Summary help page.

Issue Details Page Information

Issues Details page provides following information about an issue:


ITS administartors can customize this field. By default is can have one of following values: Open, Resolved, Closed.


ITS administartors can customize this field. By default this field specifies Category/Importance of the issue. Can be combination of Bug, Enhancement and  Low Importance, Medium Importance, Critical Importance.

Assigned to

Name of the development team member to which the issue is currently assigned. This person is responsible for fixing the issue, or for re-assigning the issue to another member of the development team able to resolve the issue.

Opened By

Name of the person who is interested or responsible for verifying whether the issue was resolved properly. In most cases it is a name of the person who originally opened the issue.

Last modified

Time and date of the last time when the issue record was modified/changed.


Time and date when the issue recod was filed to the Issue Tracking System.


If the issue is closed, this field shows date and time when the issue was closed.


This is usually a one-line title shortly describing the issue.


This fields contains details about the issue, such as detailed description of the issue, steps and information about how to reproduce the issue, responses and notes of development team, and all communication between people dealing with the issue. Issues Tracking System also automatically places notifications about changes in other issue fields (such as Status, importance or 'Assigned To') to the 'Description' field, together with the time and date when they happened.

To update displayed issue, click on the 'UPDATE ' button. This button is displayed only to users authorized to update the issue. Authorized user is usually a person who opened the issue, person to whom is the issue assigned, or development team manager.  Who can update the issue depends on the Issue Tracking System settings and rights assigned to the users by Issues Tracking System administrators .

In situation when support team members are not authorized to directly assign issues, the 'PROMOTE' button will be displayed on the bottom of the issue details page for product support group members . When support team member verifies validity of the issue ( for example whether the issue can be reproduced or whether the issue is not caused by an user or faulty/misconfigured hardware/software) he/she can use the 'PROMOTE ' button to let ITS assign the issue to the product development/maintenance team.

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