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'Delete User Profile' Page

The 'Delete User Profile' page allows to delete user profile from the Issue Tracking System's product / product category or from Issue Tracking System's Users Database (see Issues Tracking System Databases Overview for more details about Users Database ).

How to navigate to the 'Delete User' Page

You have to be logged in and you have to have right to manager users or to be member of ITS administrators group in order to delete an user profile from Issues Tracking System (ITS) product / product category . Go to the User Profile Page of the user you are going to delete. If you have right to delete the user profile , there will be button displayed on the top right part of the page. Click on the button and confirm user profile deletion. If there are no issues assigned or opened by the "to be deleted" user, then the user's profilewill be deleted from list of product / product category user profiles immediately. You just will be displayed confirmation about deleting the user from system. If there are issues opened or assigned to the user, then you will be displayed the Delete User Profile Page.

Deleting user profile from product / product category

If there are issues in the Issue Tracking System assigned or opened by the 'to be deleted' user, then the Issue Tracking System needs to know whom to put into these issues records instead of the deleted user profile . The Delete User Page will provide you with list of product managers, developers and support team members who can replace deleted user in these issues records. Select an user from provided list and then click on the DELETE USER button to finally delete the user .

Deleting user profile from Users Database

To delete an user profile from ITS Users Database you have to be member of ITS administrators group. The user profile must be already deleted from current product / product category. You need to select the user's profile on Users Summary Page (uncheck the 'Display only users with user-profile defined for '<product_name>' product/product category' checkbox to see this user on Users Summary Page), click on icon located on left side next to the user's information which will navigate you to User Profile Page. (The User Profile Page should display information that the user's profile is not defined for current product / product category ). Click on the  button located in top right part of the User Profile Page. You will be asked for confirmation to delete the user from Users Database.

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