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'Add New User' Page

The 'Add New User ' page allows you to add new user into the Issues Tracking System.

Note: if the user already exist in ITS (it is used by other products / product categories) you need to use User Profile Update Page to add update this user's profile for desired product / product category. You need to select the user's profile on Users Summary Page (uncheck the 'Display only users with user-profile defined for '<product_name>' product/product category' checkbox to see this user on Users Summary Page), click on icon located on left side next to the user's information which will navigate you to User Profile Page, and click on 'UPDATE' button located on User Profile Page to go to the User Profile Update Page to update the user's profile .

How to navigate to the'Add New User' Page

ITS administrators or product managers should use 'Add New User' link located on the top menu of the Users Summary Page. This allows them to create user accounts for all user groups : product managers, developers, testers , support team members and product end-users . You have to be logged in and you have to have right to manage users in order to see the 'Add New User' link on the Users Summary Page .

Issue Tracking System (ITS) administrators might allow to add new product end-users to everybody. If this option is enabled, you can add new user by clicking on the  button located on the login page . Again, this allows you to add Product End-Users only, you cannot add ITS Administrators or Product Managers this way.

How to add an user

The Add New User page is very similar to the User Profile Update Page and it has the same rules for it's field values. Therefore, please, refer to the User Profile Update help Page from the Administrator's Guide and User Profile Update help Page from the User's Guide for the instructions about the field values of the Add New User page .

To add new user , fill up the user profile fields and click on the SUBMIT button located on the bottom of the 'Add New User' page. This will add the user to Issues Tracking Sytem and set his/her profile for current product / product category .

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