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Updating an Issue Record

In most cases, an user updates an issue record when the issue status changes or when additional information for resolving the issue is either requested or provided.

Who can change an issue record depends on the Issue Tracking System and product development policy. ITS administrators can either allow everybody to update any issue record, or they can allow updating any issue record to specific user groups. If an user belongs to user group(s) which are not allowed to update any issue, he or she can update an issue record only if he/she opened the issue, or he/she is assigned the issue.

When an issue record is updated, Issue Tracking System automatically sends e-mail to the issue opener, issue assignee and manager of the issue assignee , notifying about the issue record change. This keeps everybody who is involved with the issue informed about the issue status.

Please, see the "Issue Update" page documentation for more information.

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