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Setting up Issue Tracking System License Key

Solid Graphics Issue Organizer Issue Tracking System (ITS) will not run without valid license key. If you don't specify license key during initial Issues Tracking System installation, ITS Setup program will create temporary license key for you which will allow you to run ITS for limited time period (about 30 days).

If you want to purchase ITS then you have to contact Solid Graphics or your ITS vendor to get your permanent license key. You have to provide Solid Graphics or your ITS vendor with your installation ID. Solid Graphics then issue you the license key for your installation. If you later change your hardware or one of your hardware components then you might need to contact Solid Graphics again to provide you with a new license key. You can change your ITS hardware multiple times.

How to obtain your Installation ID

To obtain your Installation ID run ITSSetup.exe program on the computer you are installing the Issue Tracking System (ITS) on. If ITS is not installed on the computer yet then proceed with installation until you are displayed License Key Dialog window. Then you can copy the installation ID from bottom part of the License Key Dialog window .

If ITS is already installed you can get into License Key Dialog window by running ITSSetup.exe program and then clicking on the 'Modify License Key ' button. If ITS is already installed the License Key Dialog is also accessible from your system's Start menu. Click on 'Start' button on your system's taskbar, then click on 'Programs', click on 'Issues Tracking System', click on 'Edit ITS License Key'.

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