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Checking up Issue Tracking System files installation

If you have a problem with running Issue Tracking System (ITS) you might want to use ITS tools to check whether your ITS installation is correct before contacting Solid Graphics for support.

To check your Issues Tracking System installation ITS must be already installed on your computer. Then run ITSSetup.exe program and click on button labeled 'Get Help when Issue Tracking System does not function correctly' located on Issues Tracking System Setup Dialog . ITSSetup.exe program will then perform checkup of your ITS installation and provide you with list of warnings and errors it found regarding Issues Tracking System installation. The checks performed by ITSSetup.exe program include lookups whether required system services are running, check whether all ITS files are installed and whether they were not modified.

If ITS is installed on your computer you might run the ITSSetup.exe program from your system's Start menu. Click on 'Start' button on your system's taskbar, then click on 'Programs', then on 'Issues Tracking System', then on 'Setup Issues Tracking System'.

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