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A Product  in Issues Tracking System (ITS) terminology means the product which issues are traced by the ITS. It can be for example an on-line shop, graphics editor software, an automobile, or a building.ITS allows to track issues of multiple products.

In case when it is possible to further divide/categorize product, then it is useful to define each product category as separate ITS product. For example if the products is a car, then examples of product categories can be: engine, interior, braking system, etc. Each ITS product will have it's own issues database and it's own database of user access rights. This allows quick per product-category view/query of the issues, and to define user rights per product category.  For example an user can be given developer rights for engine product category, and for example product-user rights in other product categories .

During it's lifetime, an product is coming through several phases, product development, product testing, product deployment and maintenance.

  • During product develepment, product is designed and implemented. In this phase mostly product managers and product developers use ITS to keep track of the product isses.
  • Product testing phase is probably the phase where the ITS is most used. All development groups members: managers, developers and testers use ITS intensively to make sure every issue is properly handled until it is closed.
  • Product is deployed and made available to product end-users after it is designed, implemented and tested. During this phase ITS is used to track issues found mostly by product end-users during product deployment.

You can select product / product category on most of the Issue Tracking System pages by selecting it in combo box located on top right section of a page.

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