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Issue Tracking Systems (ITS), also known as Problem, or Bug Tracking Systems, are systems for tracking problem reports and enhancenment request connected with development or deployment of wide range of products or systems. Their main purpose of having an Issue Tracking system is to help managing and handling products issues, and to provide feedback mechanism for  product users.

The products or systems where Issue Tracking Systems are used can vary from shops (regular or on-line), to rocket-science-level  projects or products. In present time, the Issue Tracking Systems are most frequently used in software development and deployment, or in various Help Desk Systems.

One of the key features of the ITS is it's ability to notify users related to a particular issue about changes of the issue status. For example, when a an product end-user opens new issue, the product manager automatically receives e-mail about the new issue entered into the database. When product manager assigns the issue to one of product developers, the product developer automatically receives notification e-mail. When the developer resolves the issue and updates the issue status using ITS, product manager and the product user automatically receives notification e-mail about resolving the issue.

Issue-status-change notifications is really a key feature of every Issue Tracking System. It keeps everybody involved with an issue informed when things happen eliminating need to periodicaly scan issues database to get an issue status.

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