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Opening a New Issue

An Issue Tracking System (ITS) user can open an issue record when he or she finds some issue with the ITS product .

The issue record can be opened either directly through the New Issue Page, or in some cases through a product support person.

Product development team members are usually allowed to open the issue record directly. Whether product end-users can open the issue record directly or not depends on product maintenance policy. ITS administrators can disallow product end-users to open New Issues records directly. Therefore, if product support team wants product end-users to open new issues, they must provide their contact information (for example phone numbers or e-mail adresses), and product support team must open issue records on product end-users behalf.

When an issue record is opened, Issue Tracking System automatically sends e-mail to the issue record opener, issue assignee and manager of the issue assignee, notifying about opening the issue. This keeps everybody who is involved with the issue informed about the issue status.

Please, for more information see the "New Issue Page" documentation.

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