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Logging into the Issue Tracking System

By logging into the Issues Tracking System, you will get  rights to do things which you wouldn't be able to do without being logged in. These rights are controled by Issue Tracking System administrator and might include for example right to file a new issue, right to update issue or all issues , view other ITS users information, modify other users information, create new users. Not-logged-in users can usually just browse the issues database and view issues details. Logged-in product end-users usually have right to file new issues and to update issues they file. Logged in members of the development team migh have additional rights, such as right to update any issue or right to reassign issues.

Issue Tracking System allows to specify different user rights for each product / product category, so when you select different product / product category after logging in, your user rights for newly selected product might be different than for the product you originally logged in.

See Login Page documentation for more information.

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