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Browsing and finding existing issues

Before filing new issue record, Issue Tracking System (ITS)  users should try to find whether the issue is not already reported in the ITS database for issue product / product category .

Browsing existing issues, ability to display list of issues matching specified criteria is one of the key features of ITS.  Especially the product development team can use issues information information to better organize, prioritize and schedule product development or maintenace work.

ITS allows to list for example:

  • all opened product issues
  • all resolved product issues
  • all opened product issues assigned to particular developer
  • all opened product issues with specified importance
  • all issues resolved within specified time period
  • find an issue by the issue number

Above are just examples of the issues browsing criteria, current ITS version allows to specify any combination of issue status, issue importance, issue opener, assignee, or issue number as filtering criteria for browsing through the issues database.

Please, see the "Issues Summary" Page documentation for more details about browsing the issues database.

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