ClassGL 3.6 Library - MFC Extension for OpenGL and 2D/3D applications programming.

The ClassGL is a library of C++ classes for 2D/3D applications development. The ClassGL library was designed to work together with MFC classes. However, the core library classes can be used without the MFC also.

The COpenGL class provides the functionality of an OpenGL window, which is the window dedicated to 2D/3D graphics output using the standard OpenGL library. In addition, it provides several interaction mode interfaces, support for objects manipulation, printing and scale control methods. The interaction mode interfaces allow easy navigation in 2D/3D space and easy view specifications for the scene objects. The scale control methods allow displaying/printing objects/models on the computer screen/printer in a desired scale.

Full MFC like COpenGL class functionality provides COpenGLView and COpenGLWnd classes. The COpenGLView and COpenGLWnd classes implementation is available in the OglSample sample application in the source code form.

Examples of using COpenGL class methods are provided in the OglSample sample application and other ClassGL sample applications. They show recommended implementation of command interface and provides simple examples of using the OpenGL library together with COpenGL objects and MFC.

The CRasterImage class provides methods for reading JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA files to the OpenGL usable memory formats, and for writing the OpenGL raster image memory formats to the JPEG, GIF, BMP and TGA files. The CRasterImage class can be also used for compressing images in OpenGL memory formats to JPEG, GIF, BMP, TGA formats stored in the RAM memory, and back.

COpenGL class
COpenGLView class
COpenGLWnd class
CRasterImage class
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