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The ClassGL Library was in May 2008 released under new name: SolidKit Library, after adding many major features. Although the ClassGL Library is still available for purchase, we strongly recommend choosing the SolidKit Library instead.

ClassGL Library Features

If you have ever tried to display a 3D/2D (vector or raster) data, you have always faced the problem of implementing an easy to use user interface to allow data view navigation in 3D/2D space. You have had to implement projection techniques to map coordinates of your data into window coordinates, you have had to implement user interface to perform view navigation operations such as zoom or pan.

The ClassGL Library solves this problem by providing data model independent C++ classes for easy navigation in 3D/2D space for use with OpenGL and Microsoft Foundation Classes. This way ClassGL extends rich functionality and high performance of OpenGL and combines it with easy to use Microsoft Visual C++ tools for interface and applications design/development.

ClassGL Library fully implements the essential interface modes for data view navigation such as :

  • Zoom to the whole model
  • Zoom to the selected model parts
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out
  • Zoom to the specified window
  • Pan
  • Rotate ("space ball" mode)
  • Fly(Walk)
  • Free Look (the same as in QUAKE or other First Person Shooter games )
  • View Angle control

Object Selection and Editing/Manipulation support for hierarchical data model allowing

  • objects rotations
  • objects translations

Object Selection support.

Object Highlighting support.

Scale support.

Scene antialiasing support.

Printing with OpenGL support.

Keyboard customization support.

"Animation Mode" support.

The GIF, JPEG, BMP, TGA file formats support.

Extensibility and flexibility :

  • derive, add, or modify any ClassGL capability
  • mix "native" graphics and ClassGL graphics calls

Template 3D graphics application code.

  • view navigation toolbar, view angle control toolbar, OpenGL render context settings toolbar, Toolbar for Coordinates editing and menu templates
  • COpenGLView class for OpenGL graphics output, sample source code for COpenGLWnd derived classes
  • allows full interface customization

Online documentation help.

The ClassGL Library can be used without using the MFC also.