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SolidKit Library

The SolidKit Library is a programming library for development of 3D/2D graphics applications for Microsoft Windows family of operating systems in C++ and .NET using OpenGL. The library provides data-model-independent classes for easy navigation in 3D/2D space (for example it provides functions such as pan, rotate, zoom), provides functions for objects manipulation and editing, supports printing of OpenGL renders, provides 3D geometry mathematics functions and Constructive solid geometry for triangle meshes. C++ version of the library also provide classes for reading/writing JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG raster images files using memory formats directly usable by the OpenGL API functions.


Solid Assembler

The Solid Assembler is 3D modeling tool. Currently it is in Alpha development stage. It is available for free and it's source code is available in SolidKit Library, including the SolidKit Library Demo.